Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nigeria: Federal Allocation to States

Facts have emerged that a total of N8.8 trillion accrued to the three tiers of government from the Federation Account between January and December 2012 from the statutory and VAT allocations.

According to a report by us, this amount is exclusive of other allocations such as derivation (for oil-producing states), excess crude account, domestic crude account, subsidy reinvestment programme (SURE-P), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation refund and foreign exchange differentials.

From statistics provided by the FG, South-South states received the highest allocations, with Akwa-Ibom receiving N217,776,188,886.07, followed by Rivers State which received N177,488,261,117.17. Bayelsa State got N115,743,144,031.67; Delta State got a total of N156,052,071,645.19, while Edo State got N68,169,040,433.24. Cross River State N63,894,575,941.74.

Lagos State in the Southwest got a total of N168,688,367,207.00 (the highest in the region), followed by Oyo State, which received a total of N93,524,683,879.60. Other states in the region: Ondo, got N78,416,358,272.47 (apart from 13 per cent derivation funds); Osun, N72,200,789,928.64; Ogun, N68,975,959,765.69 and Ekiti, N50,303,046,508.

In the North-Central, Niger State got the highest, with a total allocation of N79,747,942,955.64, followed by Benue State, which got N74,603,841,100.92. Plateau got a total of N59,990,295,696.88; Kogi N70,564,808,263.64; Kwara N52,393,463,610.54 and Nassarawa, N49,262,377,875.93; FCT, N19,130,584,542.15.

Allocations to the five South-East states are as follows: Abia, N63,964,695,387.15; Anambra, N71,968,922,762.11; Enugu, N62,548,484,175.02; Ebonyi, N45,335,956,658.49 and Imo N77,410,109,305.85.

In Northwest, Sokoto State received N74,313,032,890.28; Kebbi, N63,796,638,658.10; Kaduna, N81,046,716,051.44; Kano, N130,005,314,633.13 and Katsina, N96,823,335,677.90.

-Ubong Ettah

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